Tommy Hughes
Tommy Hughes is an American expat based out of in Hong Kong and an avid photographer. He is originally from California but has recently been living in Hong Kong and attending high school at an American International School with expats like himself. Tommy has taken several years of advanced courses in photography and is often found working to give back to his school and community with the skills he’s learned. When Tommy is not attending school, he is commonly out looking to capture cultures and landscapes with the goal of inspiring others to see the beautiful world we live in. He’s been everywhere from Laos to Ecuador, and Mongolia to Munich and continues to grow his portfolio through his journeys. ​​​​​​​
            Growing up in California, Tommy spent a significant amount of time outdoors. He fell in love with being outside. This passion led to his love of capturing the landscapes he loves to spend time in. In his early years of high school, Tommy traveled all around the domestic United States and along the way brought a camera. His love for photography flourished as he captured the beauty of the country. As his portfolio grew, he and his family began to travel more overseas and ultimately found themselves living in Hong Kong where they are today.
            Today, Tommy’s portfolio crosses into many different cultures and themes His work is very diverse and ventures into many different aspects of photography. Tommy’s goal through his work is to leave his viewers with a greater sense of appreciation for the variety of cultures he has captured along with their natural beauty. Living in Hong Kong he has immersed himself further into street photography, but along his recent travels, he has captured a wider variety of landscape and wildlife photography. Tommy looks forward to continuing his passion throughout his future and to share the beauty of the world with the community.