his series is dedicated to the Heroes that have saved my home from ashes multiple times and to raise awareness of the California drought and deforestation problems which have plagued California with some of the worst wildfires ever seen. Thank you to all the Cal Fire firefighters that risk their lives every fall to save California from ashes. We all love you
Every year fires devastate thousands of  structures and millions of acres across Southern California. The worst part, most of these fires are very preventable. There are many simple steps that can–and should–be taken to help prevent your property and family from fire danger, this year. One of the biggest things is defendable space. Every home needs to have space around it for firefighters to protect a building safely. There should be roughly 100 feet between your home and any flammable structure/plants. 
Always try to clear a 10-foot space around any propane tank to help prevent a fire from causing an explosion. Make sure the area around the propane tank is either stone, or well-watered grass. The reduction of fuels around any structure will improve its chances of survival.
This year 46 lives were lost in California’s wildfires. 45 of them were civilian lives, and one was a firefighter’s life. More than $9.4 billion dollars in insurance claims were made this year in California and 8,900 homes were deemed destroyed beyond repair. 192 people were hospitalized from burns as they chose not to heed the advice of fire experts when they gave the order for an evacuation. When Cal Fire issues an order to evacuate, it’s in your own best interest to prepare your home and evacuate before lives are put in danger.

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